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Russell 2000 Bounces; Traders Eyeing Overhead Resistance

Earlier this morning, several traders (including myself) noted that the Russell 2000 bounce was lagging other major equity indices. Why would this be important?...
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3rd Worst Santa Claus Rally Since 1950: Reason For Concern?

With the markets posting another year of solid gains, many investors relaxed heading into December. After all, the setup for December seemed to be 'piece of...
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German DAX: Index At Critical Technical Resistance

European equities underperformed US equities in 2014. And much of that had to do with economic woes and deflation concerns. Will this continue into...
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Gauging The Stock Market Into 2015: A Look At The Technicals

Since Q1 2009 the stock market has, to say the least, been on an absolute rip higher! Will this continue into 2015? Personally, I...
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Russell 2000 Signaling More Strength For Small Caps In 2015

The small caps have slowly creeped higher since bottoming in October and are now bumping up against annual highs and threatening to breakout. The...
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S and P 500 Futures Closing In On Next Target

I posted articles on the S&P 500 futures, the E-mini contract (ES) back in August and November, using my Fibonacci method to provide a...
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S&P 500 Price Targets Into The New Year

Unless something dramatic happens over the coming days, the S&P 500 (SPX-Quote) will finish another year solidly in the green. The relentless drive higher for...
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Is The Dow Jones Targeting 20,000 In 2015?

The U.S equity markets continue to move higher with determination. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) has broken the 18,000 level and now may...

Dow Transports On The Move: Do Higher Targets Loom?

If you get the chance, please go back and look at the chart from this blog post. Perhaps I was being overly dramatic but I...
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Pre-Market Chart Watch: Russell 2000 Ready To Breakout?

Volatility has returned to the markets and with it has come increased beta. This likely has many traders rejoicing, but considering the big move...

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