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Market Outlook And Technical Review: Momentum Still Weak

What We Are Watching This Week’s Market Outlook: Upside Momentum Still Lacking – Stock market lows are most evident after the fact, as evidence of their...
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Market Correction Or Bear Market? Watch These Trend Lines!

The S&P 500 has dropped roughly 12.5 percent from highs to lows over the last couple of months or so. Not surprisingly, this decline has given...
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7 Charts Highlighting Stock Market Concerns For Bulls

With all the hand-wringing over whether or not the August lows will hold, this is the least of the bulls’ stock market concerns. Bigger...
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When Market Bubbles Burst: Biotech Sector Feels The Pain

When The Bubble Bursts… After reaching 400 in July, the Biotech iShares Sector ETF (IBB) has been exhibiting all the technical hallmarks of a major market...
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German DAX Weighed Down By VW Scandal And DB Concerns

Germany is extremely important right now. And in market terms, that means the German DAX stock market. In the past couple weeks we’ve seen...
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Market Correction Update: Key Fib Support Levels To Watch

Yep, Jesse Felder finally shaved his beard off. Huh? What does that have to do with the S&P 500? It means the S&P 500...
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S&P 500 Market Update: Check Your Ego At The Door

One must remember that bear markets, assuming that is the correct call here, go through phases. In other words, they generally don’t happen overnight....
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Market Outlook And Technical Review: Range-Bound But Retesting

What We Are Watching This Week's Market Outlook: Range-Bound but Retesting Stocks failed to meaningful break above resistance and the short-term up-trends that had emerged off of...
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Bull Or Bear? What Is Stock Market Volume Saying?

While price action is my main focus, understanding how volume plays a role in the market can be key in understanding the environment and health...
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Using Inverted Stock Market Charts To Reduce Investor Bias

In April 2014, I was honored to write a post for the "Market Masters" series right here on See It Market. In that post,...

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