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USDJPY Breaking Higher: Will Bond Yields Play Catch Up?

Traders, I'd like to share an interesting inter-market relationship with you this morning. In the chart below, I've tracked the USDJPY vs the 10 Yield...
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Are Gold Prices Taking Cues From The Swiss Franc?

Three years ago yesterday, I shared a chart highlighting why Gold may underperform for years to come. The chart looked at the correlation between...
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EURAUD: A Case for the Copsey Modified Elliott Wave

As you all may know from previous posts about how I analyze and use harmonic patterns, I often look for patterns in the larger...
us dollar currency

The US Dollar Index Is Nearing A Major Resistance Level

Today I'd like to break down some key Fibonacci levels on the US Dollar Index. Let’s start with a longer-term view of the US Dollar....
trading setups

Selling Into Strength: The EUR/CAD Short Setup

Based on recent wave structure, the EUR/CAD has likely completed 5-waves to the downside and should be set for a corrective rally back towards 1.4565...
eur/usd volatility

Breakdown: Why EUR/USD Volatility Is Ready to Resume

Single-day paroxysms brought about by geopolitical unrest and local black swan events aside, stocks continue to calmly shuffle through a dream-like state of imploded...
forex currency analysis

AUD/NZD May Be Setting Up For A Break Lower

As a new contributor to See It Market, I thought it would be good to focus on some FX setups and analysis out of...
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3 Charts Highlighting Importance Of US Dollar 80 Level

The US Dollar is currently trading at a very interesting level.  The US Dollar 80 level has acted as a major pivot area in...

Chartology: Forex Pairs On Watch

Like equity markets, foreign exchange is replete with major patterns poised to break out or break down in the near-term.  Here's a wide-ranging, multi...
us dollar sign

US Dollar On The Brink?

I’m an avid watcher of the US Dollar. One of the reasons I like to monitor the US Dollar is because it can provide...

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