Boeing’s Stock (BA) Declines As Market Cycles Turn Bearish

Steve Miller

The Boeing Company (BA) sank for a second day in a row, after one of its 737 MAX planes crashed and multiple countries banned the new model. 

Yet we believe that there is still room to decline before the end of the current market cycle. 

A new Boeing 737 MAX airplane flown by Ethiopian Airlines crashed on Sunday just after takeoff from the capital city of Addis Ababa. This was the second 737 MAX that has crashed since the company placed it into service in May 2017. 

CEO Dennis Muilenburg firmly stated that, “We are confident in the safety of the 737 MAX. Since its certification and entry into service, the MAX family has completed hundreds of thousands of flights safely.” Nonetheless, many countries have grounded the planes pending investigations. 

Our analytical approach combines technical analysis with the market cycles that uniquely affect underlying stocks and commodities. The cycles for Boeing are represented by the semicircles, or cycle brackets, on the bottom of the chart above. 

The bottom line is that BA is damaged, despite coming back a lot on Monday. Looking at the weekly chart, we can see the stock is in the declining phase of its current cycle. However, there is still room to decline, before the cycle ends. Our target is around $350 by May. 

Boeing (BA) Stock Weekly Chart 

boeing ba stock research forecast bearish correction march april year 2019

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