Top Trading Links: The BREXIT Market Edition!

June has been a volatile month. Last week we saw the VIX Volatility Index spike higher, though simmering down into week’s end. That said, stocks held up fairly well.  Adding to the uncertainty is an undecided (undetermined?) Federal Reserve and the upcoming BREXIT referendum vote.

Well, BREXIT week is finally here so it should be a noisy week (ugh).

That said, it will be nice to put it in the review, as not all events are efficiently priced in. As Mike Zaccardi pointed out, implied volatility on British Pound is skyrocketing.

This week we have some great research and insights to help active investors see the market at different angles. There are still several great setups and markets that deserve attention.

Enjoy this week’s BREXIT edition of “Top Trading Links”.




A look at the polls and markets into the BREXIT vote Chris Ciovacco

Google is trying to crush Tesla and AppleCapital Market Labs

The Latest BAML Fund Manager Allocation Survey Urban Carmel

cash balance allocations fund managers_brexit june

Why Latin America has room to growBlackRock

Is a credit crisis coming? The bond market says noFil Zucchi

Two Amazon derivative plays that are ready to flyFrank Zorrilla

Will the four drags on S&P 500 earnings start to diminish? Brian Gilmartin

Institutional Investors are delusionalMeb Faber

There is no impossible in marketsCharlie Bilello



CRISPR may not be all it’s hyped up to beJocelyn Kaiser

The History of Glass-SteagallJosh Brown

Everything Apple announced at its developer conferenceWired

Video: Marc Andreessen at the Bloomberg Tech Conference

The shift to a cashless society is snowballingJeff Desjardins

IBM looks to reinvent itself – againBarb Darrow


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