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An Introduction to 3D Printing Stocks

By Alex Salomon As some of you may be aware, I have been trading (and even investing in my retirement plan) in 3D printing stocks for a while. Most of the stocks in the 3D universe are currently acting as “mo-mo” stocks, so it has been easy to show good performance. So naturally, when I told @andrewnyquist that I was going for a quick visit to the 2013 “Solidworks Show,” I was all excited

Trading Ideas for the Week of January 7

By Alex Salomon Happy New Year to everyone!! It’s that time of the year when energy is flowing, so let’s take a look at some charts that appeal to me and offer up some ideas. Not advice, just sharing some trading ideas! Amazon.com (AMZN) The appeal is a break out above the multiple tops. When it happens (call it > $263) then the chart eventually opens up to $290. Just like