Retirement Planning

The Real Issues Concerning

Sure, it’s a convenient news story when the website crashes and doesn’t allow people who desperately need healthcare to even enroll. News outlets continue to milk this story, probably because it shows government ineptitude when it tries to do actual business, and also because we all have Internet frustration stories. Yet, even if the website worked perfectly, it would not solve the far larger issues looming in our

Inherited IRA’s Could See Changes With Obama Budget

In his latest budget that was submitted to Congress, President Obama included 6 changes involving Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA’s), including Inherited IRA’s. So, why are Inherited IRA’s important? And how might these changes affect retirees? Inherited IRAs (sometimes referred to as “stretch IRAs”) have been a wonderful way to pass on wealth to the next generation while preserving the tax-deferred compounded growth that is the main benefit associated with the

Why Traditional Financial Planning Is Failing Many

People who have retired in the last 5-10 years are facing daunting challenges. They have seen the value of their homes and their retirement portfolio plummet while the cost of insurance and daily living continues to rise. Adding to their frustration is that the financial planning (upon which they based their decision to retire) indicated that they should be able to live comfortably the rest of their lives. I believe

10 Questions: Does Your Financial Advisor Pass This Crucial Test?

By Jeff Voudrie Unless you handle all of your financial decisions on your own, the selection of a financial advisor will be one of the most important factors in the success or failure of your overall financial plan (and retirement plan). Simply put, finding the right financial advisor will greatly improve your probability of success and you will feel less anxious and more in control of your financial situation. However, on

Prepping for the Retiree Crisis: How to Survive and Thrive In Your Golden Years

By Jeff Voudrie Many retirees are coming to the realization that the assumptions they were given on how long their money will last were wrong. Now, they are faced with making tough choices in order to increase the chances they will outlive their money. (See The Coming Retiree Crisis) The scope of the Great Retiree Crisis is actually larger than expressed in that article because life expectancies have grown significantly the

The Coming Retiree Crisis

By Jeff Voudrie I believe that continued historically-low interest rates and highly volatile equity markets are going to result in millions of today’s retirees being forced to go back to work or to become dependent on the government. I refer to this as the Great Retiree Crisis and retirees must take action now to prevent this from happening. As a Certified Financial Planner, I am aware of the importance that a financial

Retired Wealth Investors: Fed Decision Weighs Heavy

By Jeff Voudrie Yesterday, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke announced what many are calling QE3 (Quantitative Easing round 3). I guess we need QE3 because QE1 and Q2 worked so well! (Sarcasm!) The result of the actions announced today is that the interest rates on bonds, especially mortgage-backed and longer-term Treasuries will go down. That may be positive in that it will allow homeowners who still have a credit rating to

Has China Been Systematically Stealing US Investors Wealth?

By Jeff Voudrie Since 2008, numerous Chinese companies have become listed on U.S. stock exchanges. Undoubtedly, many wealth investors, including retired wealth investors and those pursuing retirement income strategies, may have invested in these highly-touted, high-flyers. Now, almost 4 years later, evidence of fraud is surfacing that begs the question whether or not these listings were designed solely to systematically transfer billions of dollars into the hands of China’s elite. That’s

Retired Wealth Investors: Should You Chase This Rally?

By Jeff Voudrie The U.S. stock market has surged 12% from the low set on June 4, 2012. Retired wealth investors and those pursuing retirement income strategies may be tempted to jump in—especially since the markets have recently broken above some longer-term lines of resistance. Is now the time to get in if you haven’t already? I believe the answer to that question is “No.” Since the stock market crash in

4 Ways Retired Wealth Investors Can Protect Their Money

By Jeff Voudrie Retired Wealth Investors are frustrated by a combination of lack of growth in their accounts and the global political and economic uncertainty. They remember what the markets were like between 2003 and 2007 when their accounts steadily and consistently increased in value with little effort. They remember being able to sleep at night and their satisfaction that their advisor was doing a good job. The situation they find