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Best Home Improvement Projects for Your Money

Often times when thinking about the best home improvement projects that will increase resale value, images of top of the line kitchens, spa-like bathrooms, and decked out home theatres come to mind. However, according to the 2013 Cost vs. Value Report published by REALTOR magazine, it’s actually the more practical and less exciting updates that will recoup the most of your investment. Let’s look at the best home improvement projects

5 Tips for New Home Buyers

As the housing market continues its rebound, more and more people are emerging from their home buying hibernation and looking to buy a new home. And with interest rates creeping up, now is a great time to get in the game. Whether a first time buyer or a veteran home owner looking for a change in dwelling, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement that home buying brings.

US Housing Market Improving, Recovery Taking Hold

By Joshua Schroeder Here we go again.  The political ping pong in Washington has once again impeded any resolution leading to certainty regarding fiscal policy and therefore continues to limit the potential of the labor market recovery. As a result, household formation rates remain below potential and continue to act as a drag on the nascent housing recovery and consumer spending. However, despite the leadership deficit and its economic consequences, there

Entrepreneurship: The Best Business Education Around

By Joshua Schroeder Why do people start businesses? Where does the motivation and drive to overcome never ending obstacles to achieve an ongoing number of milestones come from? Many people may answer that it is the search for wealth, recognition or the self-satisfaction that comes with being “right” or solving a problem. In my case, all of these reasons definitely influenced my decision to become an entrepreneur, but none of them

Resort Real Estate Investing For the Next Generation

By Joshua Schroeder After potentially the worst downturn in resort real estate history, the industry is beginning to pull itself off the mat. While the past five years have been marked by bankruptcies, workouts and auctions, the market appears to have found a bottom and may be poised for a significant period of slow, but steady expansion beginning in 2013 and 2014.1 Inventories, particularly those of triple A properties, are shrinking

Housing Index Showing Strength, Overbought

The collapse of the housing industry in America is one of the most disturbing economic storylines in recent American history. Every time I so much as glance at a chart depicting the drop from ’07 to ’09, I wince. Don’t look now, I’m wincing. But one thing America has come to understand over the years is that time heals. Ultimately, we may need more time, but the chart of the

Chartology: Housing Index 10 Year Chart

                                    Housing Index (HGX) annotated monthly chart with technical analysis overlay as of May 18, 2012.  Price support and resistance Levels. Technical Analysis. Housing Recovery. ——————————————————— Twitter:  @andrewnyquist and @seeitmarket     Facebook:  See It Market No position in any of the securities mentioned at the time of publication. Any opinions expressed herein are solely those of the

Housing: A Little Story About Time and Price

By Andrew Nyquist Housing began to show signs of cracking as early as 2005, and housing bears were taking notice. Problem was, the bears were in the minority and the stock market was still pedaling higher. The euphoria over cheap credit was muting out any and all valid concerns. “Housing was just correcting,” many thought. Simple as that. And simple is as simple does. But as time lingered on and knowledge