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Tax Returns: One Valuable Tip That No One Is Talking About

You’ve either just completed your tax returns, or maybe you’re still working on them. Somehow, it seems like we’re always in one of those two camps during tax season (and perhaps afterward if we need to file an extension). As a value investor, I’m frequently on the prowl searching to identify favorable stock valuations, but I’d like to take this opportunity to point out an overlooked personal finance tip, where

Cutting the Cord on the Landline With Ooma Telo

For approximately 38% of households in America, the landline is a thing of the past.  Each year more and more people are choosing to rely on cell phones alone for their communication needs, and canceling landline services.  This isn’t surprising considering the average landline will cost around $30 per month, and many people don’t feel it’s worth that kind of money on top of their already pricy cell phone bill.

6 Tax Mistakes To Avoid This Year

It’s that time of year when tax statements are flooding your mailbox and commercials for TurboTax appear every time you turn on the TV!  As you prepare to send in those tax forms to the IRS over the next few months, here are a few tax mistakes that you will definitely want to avoid! 1.  Not Staying Organized.   It’s amazing how a few missing pieces of paper can end up

6 Strategies To Help You Earn A Job Promotion In 2014

If you work for an employer, chances are you would love to earn a promotion this year. Promotions mean bigger pay, greater benefits, more respect and stature within the company, as well as a renewed sense of pride for being recognized for a job well done. In today’s economy and job market, promotions do not come easily, and it takes far more than just “showing up” to ascend the proverbial

Alternative Investments: Peer To Peer Lending

Want to run your own credit card company or loan department without really doing so? Too often as traders and investors, we neglect to consider alternative sources of return on capital. Enter peer to peer lending. As many of us know, there are other markets that can produce similar yields and sometimes with less risk. And as I speak with other market participants about alternative investments, the constant question of yield

Investopedia Website: A Financial Resource Hub

From novice investors to seasoned day traders, most people will from time to time stumble over the jargon inherent to the language of finance.  Since I myself am more towards the novice end of the spectrum, I frequently come across terms that I am unfamiliar with when reading about financial or investing topics.  I once stumbled upon the Investopedia website and have found it an invaluable resource in my pursuit of

College Tuition Costs Rise Slightly, Still Expensive

Finally, some good financial news for college students.  Or maybe I should say, less worse news.  After decades of rampant inflation, tuition costs for the 2013-14 school year increased by a mere 2.9% (for in-state public four-year institutions).  This percentage increase in tuition costs represents the lowest year to year increase since 1976!  This data, published by the College Board, brings some relief to the thousands of students struggling to

The Real Issues Concerning

Sure, it’s a convenient news story when the website crashes and doesn’t allow people who desperately need healthcare to even enroll. News outlets continue to milk this story, probably because it shows government ineptitude when it tries to do actual business, and also because we all have Internet frustration stories. Yet, even if the website worked perfectly, it would not solve the far larger issues looming in our

Inherited IRA’s Could See Changes With Obama Budget

In his latest budget that was submitted to Congress, President Obama included 6 changes involving Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA’s), including Inherited IRA’s. So, why are Inherited IRA’s important? And how might these changes affect retirees? Inherited IRAs (sometimes referred to as “stretch IRAs”) have been a wonderful way to pass on wealth to the next generation while preserving the tax-deferred compounded growth that is the main benefit associated with the

Best Home Improvement Projects for Your Money

Often times when thinking about the best home improvement projects that will increase resale value, images of top of the line kitchens, spa-like bathrooms, and decked out home theatres come to mind. However, according to the 2013 Cost vs. Value Report published by REALTOR magazine, it’s actually the more practical and less exciting updates that will recoup the most of your investment. Let’s look at the best home improvement projects