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Capital Markets Recap: Fed, Dollar, Geopolitics In Spotlight

July was an eventful month on the political and economic front, as the conflict in the Ukraine was joined in the headlines by renewed U.S. involvement in Iraq. The Fed continued to unwind QE and is on pace to conclude all ‘money-printing’ within a few months. Stocks drifted slightly lower, as did bonds. Here is what happened in the capital markets, by the numbers: Stocks & Bonds In July the

3 Reasons The SPX Is Still A Dip Buyers Market

At these heights, I feel hesitant to argue that there aren’t any technical warning signs for equities. But that’s the case: none of the measures of trend, momentum or internal data that I monitor for the S&P 500 have turned bearish… yet. So once again, we’ll likely see dip buyers emerge. Here are three stock market measures that I am monitoring: Trend - The record highs this week confirmed a crowd willingness to buy

Parsing The FOMC Minutes: Why A Rate Hike May Be Coming In 1H 2015

Earlier today, the Federal Reserve released the minutes from their last meeting, sending the market into its typical tizzy. Initially the market was down on rate hike concerns, but moments later it was up on an expanding economy and improving labor market. Yep, Mr. Market is going to do what he’s going to do and let everyone else spin it for what they think is going on. But behind the speculation,

S&P 500: More Rally Ahead? Watch This Level

This is the question.  Is there more rally ahead for stocks over the near-term?  As a technical analyst, I prefer to follow price. So let’s see what investors are looking at today and in the days ahead. The bounce from 1900 wasn’t entirely unexpected; myself and other technicians had been eyeing that level for several days leading up to the overnight puncture of 1900 on the e-mini futures heading into

A Financial Conversation With Millennials

A young couple recently put me on the spot asking for financial advice as they began their journey in life together. Did I have any words of wisdom? I stumbled, bumbled, and stammered unable to give any semblance of a cohesive answer. All I could think of was the mountain of college debt they likely had, the unaffordable housing that stares them in the face, the changes their generation of

Financial Markets Weekly Overview: Large Caps In Focus

The U.S. equity markets recovered slightly last week with the S&P 500 gaining 0.33% and the Russell 2000 jumping 1.55%. Before we get too excited we should keep in mind that this is the second week of August and the year-to-date gain for the Russell 2000 is -2.75%. The S&P 500 is up +4.5% year-to-date indicating that larger, well-established slower growth companies have continued to do better than smaller fast-growth

A 10 Year Look At The SP 500 With Corrections

Let’s take a look at the S&P 500 from the beginning of the housing/financial fiasco in 2007 – 2008 and the following recovery; albeit Central Bank driven, numbers are numbers. We’ll also take a look at the corrections along the way. But, first things first, let’s take a closer look at what has come to be known as The Great Recession. Technically speaking, this took place from October 8th, 2007

S&P 500 Technical Support Looms Large For Traders

The stealth downdraft that occurred last week has offered little more than intraday trading opportunities for the nimble (and surgical). The added volatility has its benefits for traders of “both sides” but it isn’t for everyone. As I type, the S&P 500 is at 1920, roughly the mid-point of today’s range and just 9 points off the lows for this pullback. But price is nearing some important S&P 500 technical support

Weekly Stock Market Overview And Recap: August 4 2014

I have seen several news articles with headlines similar to the following: “Stocks See Biggest Weekly Drop In Two Years”.  What does it bring to mind? Does it conjure up images of a stock market crash? Does it instill fear? I think that is the intention of the headline, so let me bring a little balance. The major U.S. market indexes each declined over 2% last week.  In ‘normal’ stock markets

Fed Agenda? Why The Reaction To Q2 GDP Is Worth Watching

On Wednesday morning, Investors will be greeted by 2nd quarter GDP data. As of right now, it is not a matter of whether there was Q2 GDP growth, but how much. And this has put the Fed (and economists and investors) in a bit of a pickle.  Perhaps this is why the capital markets are acting up of late… Yesterday, fellow contributor Andrew Kassen and I talked about the upcoming