Crude Oil Prices Eye 52 Week Lows: What’s Next For Crude?

Crude Oil prices continue to be a hot topic. And as news continues to stream out of the Europe regarding the ECB’s bond buying program, the falling Euro, and/or country elections, oil keeps falling. The news cycle this week is no different, as the Greek elections could pressure the Euro and, in turn, Crude Oil prices. Perhaps there is too much focus on Europe and its battle with deflation. That’s

Top Trading Links: Studies, Strategies, and Understanding Yourself

The global financial landscape is ever-changing. And each year new themes and trading setups emerge. But taking advantage of these opportunities in depends on your ability to see the setups and develop trading strategies that conform to your skills set. Here are some awesome reads from around the web. Hope you enjoy this weeks Top Trading Links. Market Insights @PeterLBrandt digs into the numerous major patterns in global market indices.

Why Copper Prices Have Much Farther To Fall

Since 2012, we have been writing about the developing bearish trend in copper, and in subsequent years the pattern has unfolded mostly as expected. Now price is testing the first major support below its October break. Traders with a fairly long time frame might look for an opportunity to sell from a bit higher. In the big picture, we believe copper prices are tracing a large three-wave corrective pattern down

Will Crude Oil Lead Stocks Lower? Or Is This Time Different?

It’s been a while since I posted on the relationship between Crude Oil, stocks, and the global economy. At the time of my last post, Crude Oil prices were continuing down from their July peak. At that time, those of us who follow oil to gauge where the stock market may be heading next were looking at stocks with caution. In the article, I opined that 2012 levels were likely supports and

The Rotation Report: Market Themes In Focus

Over the past few months we’ve seen some unprecedented action as stocks continue to rip higher with ease, blowing off the downdrafts. Yet at the same time, there is instability across the currency, commodity, and bond markets. As well, it appears that there are some credit market issues beneath the surface. As troubled nations and businesses continue to hide their problems as long as they possibly can, it hints that we may be stuck in this environment

Gold On The Move: A Pathway To Higher Price Targets

Gold has been beaten down pretty good since the 2011 highs. And it seems like the past year or so has been a “wear the bulls out” period, as Gold has traded sideways to lower in a grinding fashion. Back in October, I wrote a post on Gold showing how a “fundamental frequency target” can be derived using the “major” first swing to develop price and time targets. The target date was December

Top Trading Links: Making Sense Of 2015!

Hi all, each new year brings growth and change.  New for 2015 is a weekly link fest sharing some of the best reads and ideas on the web.  Naturally, we’ll focus on technicals.  However, we’ll also cover the trading process and some ‘big picture’ themes and ideas. Let’s get started with some of the top trading links around the web. MARKET INSIGHTS The second session of the year is the

Is A Dollar Takedown Nearing? Clues From Gold, Forex and Commodities

The US Dollar is strong and it’s been that way for a good part of 2014. Last summer we saw the beginning of the current US Dollar Index trend start to take shape when EUR/USD made a new 50 day low. That low triggered a Donchian channel breakout trade that we’re still riding down. Since that time, we’ve seen the world get shaken up a little bit with a collapse in Emerging

Is A January Gold Rally Taking Shape?

After Gold prices fell below $1200 per ounce, it seems like many investors have begun to tune out the yellow metal. But since the start of the New Year, Gold has risen almost $30 and is now back above $1200. Could this price action be signaling a January Gold rally? The one hour chart of Gold outlines a potentially huge pivot shift in supply & demand that savvy traders may be able to

An ETF Selection Methodology For 2015 And Beyond

Introduction In my mind, ETF selection is different from ETF strategy. ETF strategy requires choosing among different index methodologies and compositions to find the most appropriate ETF to implement your investment objective. Researching ETFs to match your investment strategy oftentimes ends with only one reasonable choice. However, there are occasions when one must choose between a number of similar ETFs. Asset allocation models in particular may run into this issue