Why Crude Oil Is Back On Investors’ Radars

The ups and downs of Crude Oil prices can provide a pretty good barometer of what to expect from the general market. Last August, I drew our attention to the oil paradox: The Oil Paradox is simply when demand confirms recovery early in a bull market cycle and prices continue rising until outsized input costs later precipitate a price fall. The tight band that Crude Oil prices travel depicts the consumer’s vulnerability in a steadily

Gold Investors: 5 Things To Watch For This Summer

Just as Gold looked destined to retest the lows, the yellow metal found its shine and rallied into the Fed statement on June 18, 2014. In the trading business, we call that a “head fake.”  And it came at the perfect time – right as Gold investors were about to give up. 80 points later, Gold has emerged from its slumber and may be ready to rally. But in a

Energy Sector: Key Indicators Point To A Pullback

The Energy Sector has been one of the best performing sectors in 2014. The Energy Select Sector SPDR ETF (XLE) is up over 15%, and geopolitical turmoil in Iraq and the Ukraine have helped add fuel to the fire for the bullish case on this sector. However, with this large move in price, it appears the proverbial rubber band has become overextended. Below is a chart of XLE going back to

Gold Miners (GDX) Technical Outlook

Gold mining stocks are officially on the trader radar. Including today’s surge higher, the Gold Miners (GDX) are 25 percent off the 52 week lows recorded in December. And, although the group is getting overbought short-term, it may be setting up nicely for a “buy on consolidation” swing trade. With this in mind, let’s look at the technical setup. On the daily chart, the Gold Miners put in a higher low (21.93)  in late

Is Geopolitical Unrest Finally Driving Crude Oil Higher?

With a glance at today’s geopolitical newsflow – whether Ukraine’s troubles with Gazprom or ISIL’s occupation of oil refineries in northern Iraq as it solidifies it’s hold there – you’d be forgive for concluding energy prices must be shooting through the roof across global markets. And along with it’s counterparts in the Energy complex WTI Crude Oil (CL) did experience a significant spike last week as the Shi’ite extremist faction’s

Symphony of Destruction: How Stocks, Bonds and Crude Are Reprising 2007

Of all the indicators foreshadowing economic health and the future of stock market returns, perhaps none has been a better tell than the inverted yield curve; specifically when the 3 Month US Treasury Bill yield exceeds that of the 10 Year Treasury Note. Dating back to at least 1970, every major US economic downturn – seven to date – has experienced this phenomenon two to six quarters prior to officially

Gold Sentiment, Price Cycles Point To Higher Prices In 2014

Precious metals began 2014 as one of the best asset classes to be in. But since mid-march, Gold prices have drifted lower, retracing more than 50 percent of the prior move higher [into December of 2013]. And this has pushed Gold sentiment lower as well, pressuring bulls to dig deep once again. But when sentiment gets too bearish, it often is a precursor to a rally. From a macro technical perspective, Gold

The Importance Of Trend Lines In Price Confirmation

As a technical analyst I rely on price to lead my bias. To help find interesting setups in price I use various indicators and second derivative data sets to accompany price action. These types of indicators, whether they be measures of breadth, momentum, or trend strength, all require price confirmation. One way we can see if price is confirming a bearish or bullish signal in an indicator like momentum, specifically the Relative

Sustainable Investing: The Farming Technology Boom

Thanks to technology and smarter farming practices it takes approximately one fifth as much land today to raise the same amount of crop as in 1940.1  Whether it was farmers using new cross pollination techniques 50 years ago or the introduction of GMO seeds more recently, farming technology and innovation has continued to allow the American farmer to produce higher yields with less water, pesticides, fuel, fertilizer and all on

Breakouts and Breakdowns: Chart Setups To Watch

Heading into the holiday weekend, it was clear that this week would produce some interesting price movement on the major indices and across select asset classes (i.e. commodities).  The markets were ripe with technical chart setups: the S&P 500 was on the verge of breaking out, the Russell 2000 was trying to break its downtrend line, Emerging Markets (EEM) were pushing into key multi-year resistance, Gold (GLD) was coiled in a tight