Are Natural Gas Prices Basing For A Move Higher?

Natural Gas prices started trending sideways at the beginning of the year. This was in the context of a downtrend from a peak in early 2014. The sideways movement indicates supply and demand came into balance. These periods are usually followed by breaks until the next supply/demand equilibrium is found at a higher or lower level. Consider the case of a break higher: everyone who bought during the sideways period

Top Trading Links: The Current State Of The Market

It was an amazing week in the markets. The market continues to punish the bad habits of Fed watchers and everyone who doesn’t follow price. The long dollar train is full of passengers, but Yellen suggests the Fed is more moderate and commodities are trading like the sellers are exhausted. Ironically, bad trading habits in biotech are being rewarded. Lastly, it’s worth remembering if you’re hitting it big, you’ve got

The State Of The Gold Bear Market: Sentiment Sinks

Three and a half years have passed since Gold peaked at $1923.70 per ounce, reminding investors that the other side of exuberance can be painful. The Gold bear market is finally beginning to take the wind out of Gold bugs sails, as a series of fits and starts have lead to a year full of sideways to lower grinding action. And with Gold hitting 1142 yesterday, investors and market onlookers

Will Crude Oil Prices and Services Bottom With A USDCAD Top?

In order to fully comprehend the story of the Canadian Dollar (the Loonie), the US Dollar, Crude Oil, and the Oil Services Index, you may need to go back about a year and examine the price charts. In a post I wrote over a year ago (and I highly recommend reading), the charts were showing an amazing divergence between the Oil Services Index and the USDCAD. And it did indeed

Market Cycles and Planetary Cycles Are About To Collide

March 2015 marks the last of seven exact meet-ups from the Pluto-Uranus cycle that began in the summer of 2012. So why is this important to investors? And how do planetary cycles align with market cycles? Well, here is a quick recap from my March 2013 post that aligns the astrological cycle to the larger secular financial market cycle: To understand these larger secular cycles, which coincide with Pluto-Uranus, the question

The Best Of See It Market – February 2015

For all the challenges, concerns, and volatility that January presented investors, February brought the exact opposite. And, as you might expect, the monthly performance of the major U.S. stock market indices was quite different from January to February. To sum it up: Volatility was crushed, bullish sentiment surged, and the S&P 500 recorded its best “February” since 1998. So what brought about the sudden change in market complexion? All signs point to Europe…

Gasoline ETF (UGA) Surges Higher, Outperforming Stocks Like Apple!

After months of falling Gasoline prices, February saw a bounce higher in the Gasoline ETF (UGA). And it has been a big one. I wrote about gasoline’s biggest 3 day rally in early February and how the power of the pattern continued to suggest higher prices… and a rally for the Gasoline ETF. The pattern showed Gasoline was bouncing off a major long-term channel support. Well, it’s now the end of

Is It Time To Buy Gold Again?

Gold has been a major topic of discussion thus far in 2015. We saw Gold prices make a violent move up at the beginning of the year only to fall just as quickly in February. It feels like Gold has been in a bear market for years and years, but amazingly, it’s been fairly stable for the last year and a half. To get a better idea of what is

Global Equities Rise As Investor Fears Take A Back Seat

As we look around the globe, we are seeing stronger global equities markets that have benefitted from what investors perceive to be a safer playing field. And this has shown up in lower bonds and gold prices, and a falling Volatility Index (VIX). The net result: The S&P 500 is up nearly 6 percent for February, on pace for it’s best February showing since 1998. Note that this post went out to our email