Gasoline ETF (UGA) Surges Higher, Outperforming Stocks Like Apple!

After months of falling Gasoline prices, February saw a bounce higher in the Gasoline ETF (UGA). And it has been a big one. I wrote about gasoline’s biggest 3 day rally in early February and how the power of the pattern continued to suggest higher prices… and a rally for the Gasoline ETF. The pattern showed Gasoline was bouncing off a major long-term channel support. Well, it’s now the end of

Is It Time To Buy Gold Again?

Gold has been a major topic of discussion thus far in 2015. We saw Gold prices make a violent move up at the beginning of the year only to fall just as quickly in February. It feels like Gold has been in a bear market for years and years, but amazingly, it’s been fairly stable for the last year and a half. To get a better idea of what is

Global Equities Rise As Investor Fears Take A Back Seat

As we look around the globe, we are seeing stronger global equities markets that have benefitted from what investors perceive to be a safer playing field. And this has shown up in lower bonds and gold prices, and a falling Volatility Index (VIX). The net result: The S&P 500 is up nearly 6 percent for February, on pace for it’s best February showing since 1998. Note that this post went out to our email

Top Trading Links: Bulls, Bears, And Better Traders

The stock market grinded to new highs while pessimism rose. And that made for a bullish combination. For example, we see plenty of breadth divergences are creating doubt. Frankly, we can all see what we want to see in market breadth at this point. If you missed it, be sure to check out last week’s read from @ukarlewitz on the fruitlessness of market timing using breadth divergences. Maybe they will

Silver Prices Preparing For A Strong Rally

In September, we alerted readers to watch Gold and Silver prices for a development that could signal a market low. We believe that low arrived on November 30, and prices are now tracing an upward pattern that should continue until the middle of 2015 or beyond. For several reasons, we expect the current price area to serve as a base for both precious metals to rally. This article presents our

Dow Jones To Gold Ratio: What It’s Saying Now

For much of the 1980’s and 1990’s the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) outperformed Gold, as equities soared higher. That period came to an end in 1999 as the tech bubble, 9-11, and the financial crisis hit the financial markets over a 12 year period. But since 2011, the Dow Jones has regained its advantage. The nearly 6 year old bull market in equities has investors feeling pretty good again, as the Dow

Top Trading Links: Leadership, Seasonality, and Mental Toughness

Finally the markets broke free of their dreaded ranges! This week’s price action was very strong and appears to be signaling a break out (pending follow through). We’ve seen some strong new leadership in stocks and that’s encouraging. So what’s the best way to celebrate? Studying up. Here’s this week’s edition of Top Trading Links. Market & Trading Insights @harmongreg looks at the recent base in the S&P 500 SPDR ETF. He

Is The Natural Gas ETF (UNG) Nearing A Price Bottom?

We have been watching natural gas prices with the expectation that they can establish a basis for an enduring rally starting near the present price area. The high volatility associated with the commodity sometimes makes technical forecasts difficult, but the current downward pattern appears to be either complete or nearly so. And a Natural Gas price bottom could setup a trade for the popular Natural Gas ETF (UNG). The charts below

Crude Oil: Beware The Bounce

One of the biggest lessons of technical analysis is that it is important to understand how markets usually move. If we can do that, then it becomes possible (in some cases) to identify what the most probable future price path is for any market.  Let’s consider crude oil in this context: Crude Oil Corrective Retracement? In trends, markets typically move in alternating bouts of with-trend strength, interspersed with retracements (or

[VIDEO] ETF Trends Review: SP 500 (SPY), Energy (XLE), The Dollar (UUP), And More

Each month, we post a video looking at various ETFs in the market, evaluating their chart setups. In this month’s ETF chart review video, we analyze what’s going on with the markets, highlight current ETF trends, and evaluate charts of various ETFs that have implications for the broader market. In my opinion, the important ETF themes to watch this month are large cap stocks (i.e. S&P 500 – SPY), Europe (via VGK),