Could Crude Oil Prices Fall To $45 Per Barrel?

All eyes on Crude Oil prices. The downturn has been relentless and traders are now trying to figure out where the bottom will be. Normally, I only chart Crude Oil Futures on a daily basis, but with the recent collapse in futures prices I wanted to apply my Fibonacci method to some longer time frame charts to ascertain where the price of Crude Oil may be headed. If you follow

Why Equities Aren’t Taking Cues From The US Economy

One of the great disconnects for investors over the past few years revolves around the resiliency and determination of US Equities in the face of what would traditionally be headwinds. A muted economic recovery? Buy stocks. End of QE? Buy stocks. Stronger Dollar? Buy stocks. Oil price swoon? Buy stocks. You get the point. It’s as if the market has been flipped on its head. Last week I was interviewed

Energy Sector: Is It Time To Catch The Falling Knife?

The Energy Sector (XLE) has been an awful performer over the last several months. While consumers cheer at the decline of prices at the pump and economists get anxious about the impact of falling oil prices will have on GDP. Luckily as technicians we aren’t as concerned about why a market acts the way it does. Back in July I wrote about the bearish chart setup for the energy sector

The Best Of See It Market – November 2014

November was a great month for See It Market. We added 3 fantastic contributors (Ben Carlson, Dave Budge, and Jonathan Beck) and saw our output jump by 20 percent and our traffic by over 30 percent. Thank you to our contributors:  We have such a great team of active investors providing boots on the ground insights and high quality research. I hope you will take a few moments to review some

Bottom Fishing In Crude Oil: Part II

This post is written as a sequel to my original post from November 24: Bottom Fishing In Oil? Sure It’s Possible, And Here’s How Bottom fishing is risky business but the potential for scoring a big winner can make this an alluring game to play for some. From some past painful experience, let me part this with you: Have a game plan in advance and manage your risk closely. With that

Will $14 And Change Mark The Bottom For Silver?

Wow, Silver has had quite a ride since futures opened last night. Interesting thing, though, is that Silver prices came down into our target zone for a bottom. In late September 2014 I wrote a post pointing to a Silver bottom at 14 dollars, which would mark an end to a lengthy corrective pattern. The latest steep drop and reversal in Silver prices says we may have reached a bottom. The price action

Agricultural Commodities Sector Review: Showing Strength

The commodities sector has seen some real interesting price action of late. While Crude Oil and Precious Metals have been under pressure, the Agricultural Commodities have been holding up pretty well. I took a look at the agricultural commodities a couple weeks ago here. At the time, I was looking for some long term lows to come into play and all were subsequently hit. Some of the price levels were taken out

Thanksgiving Day Massacre: Crude Oil Plummets

Those expecting an uneventful Thursday as the US celebrates the Thanksgiving holiday have been greeted by just that as S&P 500 equity futures (ES) listlessly trudge sideways. Elsewhere – in an asset class that’s highly uncorrelated, currently – conditions couldn’t be more different.  WTI Crude Oil (CL – Quote) dropped as much as -8.06% session-over-session early today, and is currently down -6.28% to just above $69/bbl, representing the largest single

Gold And Oil: Have The Charts Been Helpful?

In a 2013 See It Market article, we covered how trends can assist in investing and trading. Given their recent weakness relative to the S&P 500, it is fair to ask: Have trends been helpful in terms of avoiding the long periods of underperformance in gold and oil?   A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words The weekly chart below shows the performance of the SPDR Gold Trust ETF (GLD –

Gold Rally Clouds Outlook Into Year End

After hitting 4 year lows, the recent Gold rally has brought the yellow metal back to $1200/oz.  That’s the good news. The bad news is that Gold failed to rally during September (a seasonally strong month) and is now trading in no man’s land. And with a stronger US Dollar and deflation in the air, it’s quite possible that the yellow metal will visit this level sometime over the coming months. But depending on who