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Trading Journal: Long-Term Insights on Crude Oil’s Slippery Slope

Light Sweet Crude Oil (CL) continues to struggle at finding a solid footing beneath $80 as Wednesday’s move up from $76.50 to around $79 after the EIA’s 1000ET report of lower-than-expected inventories has mostly faded throughout early trading Thursday. Shorter-term, Crude Oil and Energy plowing through a massive disconnect that will inevitably resolve when the instruments re-converge (more on that in Monday’s piece over here). It seems intuitive in theory that

There Will Be Blood: Will Energy Or Crude Oil Blink First?

Despite the ever-present assurances to the contrary from Developed Market equities over the last few weeks, there’s always a bear market somewhere. Look no further than Light Sweet Crude Oil (CL), off another -2.75% today, ostensibly due to Saudi Price Cuts intended to increase competitiveness versus US Shale.  That brings Crude’s slippery slope (cliff dive?) to -27.43% since it’s June high at $107.68/bbl and to -20.61% YTD. Crude Oil spilled out

Investors: Why Crude Oil Prices May Dictate Market Action

The U.S. equities market sputters along, and despite global uncertainty in Asia and now the crisis in the Ukraine, the trend is still up.  Turning to Crude Oil, the market’s reliable truth serum, may offer us a better vantage point on the health of demand in the global economy. The weekly chart below of Light Sweet Crude Oil prices highlights Crude Oil’s ability to predict future market weakness. Since the summer

Crude Oil Spikes, Spills but Up-Trend Remains Intact

WTI Crude Oil (CL) opened the week trading aggressively higher, reflexively spurred through $104/bbl as traders responded to derivative supply concerns in the wake of the appearance of escalating conflict between Russia and Ukraine.  Monday’s sharp thrust higher crossed a key horizontal resistance level, placing CL in the $104-$108 congestion zone that characterized Q3 2013.  Bouncing off of 2014 rising channel support and out of February’s consolidation of the Eve-Adam

Crude Oil Set To Rally Past $100 Price Level?

Crude Oil prices have been operating like an offense that’s consistently trying to set up the play-action pass. On two separate occasions, Crude Oil was on the brink of a deeper correction, clinging to the key $92 support level. Each time, Oil prices found a way to turn things around and rally. By the same token, Oil seemed like it was ready to break out in late December, only to

RBOB Gasoline & Crude Oil Rallying Into Year End

Back in November, I posted about the interesting bottoming action in Gasoline prices and what that could potentially mean for a bottom in Crude Oil (CL_F), and possible Crude Oil rally. Since then, Oil has put in a bottom and rallied as high as 99.40 this past week. Does Gasoline has more rally in the tank? Is that it for the Crude Oil rally? Well, perhaps not. There are some interesting

$92 Crude Oil Support Level Remains Important

As we’ve chronicled in several articles over the past two months, the $92 Crude Oil support level remains important to bulls.  In the beginning stages of Crude’s slide, I highlighted this level as it marked the 18 month uptrend support line. And sure enough, this level stalled Crude’s slide in November. But many questions remain. Will a base continue to form around this Crude Oil support level? Will this support

Will Gasoline Rally Lead Crude Oil Prices Higher?

Crude oil prices have been declining for the better part of two months now. In fact, we’ve had a down move of about 17% from its high tick of 112.24 (in August) to its low tick of 92.43 this past week. Crude Oil has definitely been out of favor, but has it bottomed? A couple of charts are telling me yes. The first chart that I found interesting was the

Crude Oil Correction Continues: Are $90, $86 Next?

See It Market contributors have been all over the move lower in Crude Oil (WTIC) that has unfolded over since CL established it’s late August swing high at 112.24/bbl (check out two of the latest, from 11/5 here and from 11/11 over here).  Now after bouncing off mid-last week’s swing low at 93.07 into a rising wedge to as high as 95.38 yesterday, Crude is breaking down once again, printing

Crude Oil Update: $92 Support Key to Rally Bounce

Quick chart update on Crude Oil. As most investors are aware, Crude Oil has been dripping lower for the better part of the past two months. However, prices firmed up right on cue last week… near the 16 month uptrend line.  This price level was originally highlighted in my October 15 post, and again in my recent update (as well as Andrew Kassen’s recent post on secular implications). Before we