Chart Focus: Putting The German DAX Decline In Perspective

The German DAX Composite began its decline well before the Greek crisis found its way back to the forefront of our trading screens. The Euro also began to firm up well before the drama in Greece. That simply means that some of the fallout in Greece is likely priced into the markets. Now this doesn’t mean that there isn’t risk to fall further, it just means that capital often begins to reposition before “events”.

Euro In Focus: Without The News, Without The Noise

The Greek deadline is focusing a lot of eyes on the Euro, or at least it should be, as the FX market tends to impact a number of other asset classes and asset allocation strategies as well. Just as an experiment, let’s try to strip out all of the news and noise about Greece for a moment and focus on what the Euro currency charts might be telling us. From

US Dollar/Yen Currency Pair Could Be A Game Changer

It has been a long time since we’ve seen the US Dollar/Yen currency pair at a major crossroads, with implications for the broader market. Don’t get me wrong, there have been plenty of “trades” to be had and inter-market trends to be followed. But how this one plays out could be a game changer for investors. As you can see in the chart below, the US Dollar/Yen trade has touched

The Rotation Report: Preparing For The Week Ahead

Well, it’s time to hunker down and get ready for another week of market action. I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend! The good times always go by too fast don’t they? Be sure to check out my favorite reads of the week from around the financial web. This week’s list was killer. A major fibonacci level has stalled the S&P 500’s breakout (thus far). That’s concerning until it’s taken out. S&P 500

Chart Watch: US Dollar, Treasuries, and Stocks Flash Caution

With all the back and forth in the markets, several key assets have struggled of late. Notably, the US Dollar, US treasury bonds, and US equities. Active investors have been more inclined to sell rallies in each of these “big 3″ assets. The biggest pullbacks have come in the US Dollar and 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF (TLT), while the S&P 500 (SPX) has simply moved sideways, failing several times to

Australian Dollar: Chart Suggests A Rally Followed By Final Wave Lower

The Australian Dollar is putting together a nice rally for Forex traders. Also known as the Aussie and traded under the Forex pair AUDUSD, the Australian Dollar looks to be putting in a corrective rally before a final drop to its downside target. Although this may take several weeks to unfold, the pattern should offer opportunity for disciplined currency traders. The AUDUSD briefly touched above .80 today and is currently trading

Gasoline Prices Move Higher, Likely To Top By Mid-Summer

A commodity currency describes currencies of countries that rely heavily on the production and export of commodities. And three commodity currencies that I often use in my commodities analysis are the Australian “Aussie” (AUDUSD), New Zealand “Kiwi” (NZDUSD) and Canadian “Loonie” (CADUSD). I find that these currencies can be helpful in exploring correlations with different commodities. And today we’ll look at Gasoline prices and show an interesting correlation to the Aussie. But

US Dollar Chart: Is A Deeper Pullback Coming?

The US Dollar Index has been flexing its muscle since last summer and is up over 20% in less than a year. When putting the US Dollar rally into perspective, it truly has been rare and historic. Will the “historic” rise equate to a major long-term trend change higher? Perhaps. But there is something that investors of all asset classes should be aware of regarding King Dollar right now: momentum has

Why The Euro May Be Headed Higher In The Weeks Ahead

Over the past several weeks, the Euro has been attempting to put in a tradable bottom. In this post we’ll look at how that is taking shape. Note that this is an update to our March 13 post that suggested the Euro should find support for a medium-sized corrective move versus the U.S. Dollar. The share price for the Guggenheim Investments Currency Shares Euro ETF (symbol FXE) bounced for several