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Andrew Nyquist is the founder of See It Market. Andrew has been actively investing for over 13 years with a strong focus on technical analysis and swing trading. His blogs, articles, and contributions have appeared on numerous websites, including highly respected Yahoo! Finance, MarketWatch, Business Insider, and Minyanville, where he also contributes to their premium trading platform, the Buzz & Banter. Andrew has also been interviewed and cited across many media outlets, including Dow Jones & Company owned Smartmoney.In addition to founding and managing See It Market, Andrew enjoys actively investing, playing and watching sports, and spending time with friends and family – especially his wife and three children. Andrew currently works in the financial services industry and resides in the Minneapolis area. He is a 1998 graduate of Carleton College.
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Is The Silver ETF (SLV) On The Verge Of A Breakout?

In just three weeks, Silver has gone from the brink of collapse to being on the verge of a price breakout. But this sort of price action isn’t uncommon from assets in a longer-term corrective phase; in short, bulls get worn down by the short relief rallies that return to the grinding stair-step lower. That said, the price action in the Silver ETF (SLV) looks promising, provided follow through confirmation arrives shortly.

Gold Miners (GDX) Technical Outlook

Gold mining stocks are officially on the trader radar. Including today’s surge higher, the Gold Miners (GDX) are 25 percent off the 52 week lows recorded in December. And, although the group is getting overbought short-term, it may be setting up nicely for a “buy on consolidation” swing trade. With this in mind, let’s look at the technical setup. On the daily chart, the Gold Miners put in a higher low (21.93)  in late

3 Reasons Emotions Are Running High Into FOMC Statement

The tension on the tape is building. Like it or not, many active investors are bracing for the reaction to the FOMC statement today (set to release at 2pm ET). Bulls and bears are in an epic stare down, and for this reason it’s probably best for traders to sit this one out. Especially if you’re losing sleep over your positions. The build up is pretty typical, but today’s release

Here Comes The Fed: All Eyes On Gold 1275

With the Federal Reserve set to release their collective policy statement tomorrow afternoon, the market has found a way to build drama around the “event.” Wait, that never happens!  But amidst all the back and forth between equity bulls and bears, many investors are missing out on the price action in Gold. And notably, the recovery to Gold 1275. In January, I highlighted Gold 1275 as a key to a coming

Small Cap Stocks In Focus: Russell 2000 Resistance Looms Large

The first sign of relative weakness in the equities market showed up in the form of risk-off for high beta stocks. These included small cap stocks, and select momentum names and sectors, such as Biotech. And this created some glaring divergences, while disturbing market breadth. But the broader market shook off this bout of internal weakness and continued its move higher, recently on the heals of small cap stocks. In this vein, I’m

S&P 500 Stretched, But Time And Price Wearing Bears Down

It was 12 sessions ago that the S&P 500 broke out above 1900. And considering that the index closed today at 1943 (or just 2.3% above the breakout), many may be inclined to refer to the past few weeks as a cruel game of “wear the bears out.”  Look no further than the multitude of hollow candlesticks post-breakout to feel the bears pain on a time continuum… like little paper cuts with each

Market Sentiment Watch: Are Headlines Getting Frothy?

Market sentiment has been downright nasty during this bull market. And sentiment-focused analysts like Ryan Detrick have correctly highlighted this as a major catalyst for higher equity prices along the way. No arguments there; the slow trickle of cash into the market has reduced volatility and kept pull backs in check. And this theme may continue for some time, especially if funds (and investors) begin to deploy capital in an

When A Trade Turns Into An Investment…

It almost always ends poorly. Every day active investors scan the market for setups they like. Whether it’s stocks, bonds, ETFs, futures, commodities, or currencies there are a multitude of sectors and asset classes to scan and rank. And as we maintain, build, and invest in our running list of candidates, we constantly think about risk-reward and time frames.  And it is within this context that we make decisions. The Trade If you

S&P 500 Technical Update: Putting Price Targets In Perspective

After a few days of slow-go consolidation, the S&P 500 is thrusting higher again today. Although it is just 2 percent above the breakout plateau of 1900, it’s adding some mental pain to traders that are short. Yes, the market is getting stretched on multiple time frames. But, as most seasoned traders know, the “unlikely” can continue for longer than you think… So let’s look at where the S&P 500 is currently,

Andrew Nyquist’s FXStreet Interview – June 3, 2014

Earlier today, I had the great pleasure of being interviewed by Dale Pinkert in the Live Analysis Room (LAR) at Dale and I covered a broad swath of topics, including my background and early influences, trading style, the current market environment, and our fine stable of contributors at See It Market. Two hot button topics that we covered were the VIX/market complacency and Small Cap (high beta) underperformance.  Truthfully, there wasn’t