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Using Insider ETFs as Directional Indicators to Beat the Market

By Adam Graham Like many investors, I’m always looking for a shred of information, outside of fundamental data, which may help me gauge the momentum of a particular stock. Moreover, how can an investor like me benefit from insider activity or upstream dynamics that will impact a specific industry or stock? Earlier this week I happened to catch Steven Rattner’s appearance on CNBC’s Squawk Box. The topic of conversation originally centered

Fertilizer Stocks Offer Opportunity to Harvest Profits

By Adam Graham I have a macro thesis that’s driven entirely by the perpetual and rapidly increasing growth rate in global population. I believe that with a long term view (2-3+ years), well run and well positioned businesses in certain natural resource and agriculture industries are a safe bet to return your investment and then some. Within that space I think drinking water and food commodities are the easiest to understand for a typical