AAPL vs Gold: Parallel Bull Market Structures

gold discoballAAPL vs Gold.  Got your attention?  Okay, I’m having a little bit of fun here. But really, there is a rhyme and reason to time and price, and how investors herd to a particular stock, commodity, or new trend. A look at a chart of AAPL vs Gold highlights the parallel bull market structures… and declines.

Investor psychology is reflected through price movement and is a big reason why I am a proponent of technical analysis. Support, resistance, trend following and exuberance.

Later today I’ll post a chartology on the Gold, looking at past levels I’ve mentioned, and highlighting some key levels to watch going forward. I recently commented on the technical setup for Apple (AAPL) as well.

Trade safe, trade disciplined.

AAPL vs Gold (GLD) – Bull Market Chart

aapl vs gold chart

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